•  SHIELD Denotes unity and oneness of the people with one common desire towards prosperity and progress
  •  SUN Represent hope and commitment of leaders to boost economic growth through effective and efficient local governance. It also represent integrity and goodwill that radiates to all concerned citizens
  •  RICEFIELDS & MOUNTAINS Represent the main source of living of the people, which is farming. And it also denotes the people’s awareness of proper utilization of natural resources.
  •  FARM PRODUCTS Signifies the inherent capacity of the local government to harness food security of its people.
  •  FURNITURES Represents skills of its people to generate income aside from farming that will the uplift the economy of the municipality.
  •  ROADS, BRIDGES AND BUILDING Signifies the efforts of the local government in accelerating the economic growth through implementation of priority need infrastructure projects.
  •  WHITE DOVE- Denotes that the municipality is a peaceful community where people are dedicated to bring forth laurels, honor and pride.


  •  RED – the official color of the municipality represent the flaming desire of the people to work hard to achieve better quality of life.
  •  BLUE -Signifies loyalty and dedication of the people for the development of the municipality.
  •  GREEN-Represent vigor and vitality, freshness of ideas and involvement of the people in nation building
  •  YELLOW-Denotes hopes and optimism of the people that the municipality will reach its optimal economic grow